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Anna Bears Adoption Fundraising
Fundraising Bears Price List

If you are an adoptive family or nonprofit organiztion and would like to purchase less that 100 bears,please e mail me for special pricing.

Bears may be purchased with I Support Adoption Logo on a flag of the country from which you are adopting or with the I support adoption logo with a little girl. If you dont see your country e mail me at and I will add it.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to "His Kids Too"

His Kids Too

To order 100 to 199 bears click the add button below

To order 200 to 299 bears click the add button below

To order 300 to 399 bears click the add button below

To order 400 to 499 bears click the add button below

To order 500 or more bears click the add button below

I Support Adoption Columbia

I Support Adoption Russia

I Support Adoption Haiti

If you have a pitcure of your child and would like to order bears custom made with the childs picture, please e mail the picture to 
Be sure the picture is in JPEG format and include any words or phrases you would like included on your logo.
The Cost for custom orders is $1.00 more per bear.
NOTE: Please allow at least 3 weeks for custom orders


10" Bear With T shirt

I support adoption logo with little girl

I support adoption India

I support adoption Armenia

I support adoption China

I support adoption USA

I Support Adoption Guatemala

I Support Adoption Vietnam

Anna Bears Adoption Fund Raising